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initial assessment hour only £49

Our Logo

About SMEC

Founded in 2023, St Mary’s Education Centre originated from a desire to support the wider community of students with their academic learning. We are an education centre that offers bespoke and personalised tutoring for children from the ages of Reception through to GCSE level. We welcome children from all faiths and backgrounds. 


We offer two models of instruction:

1. Private one-to-one tutoring 

2. Small group tutoring (5 students)

The choice between private tutoring or small group tutoring is an individual one. Both approaches have their unique benefits for students and their academic well-being. Our experienced tutors work closely with students to identify their learning gaps and develop bespoke learning programmes to address them effectively.

Our Mission

At St Mary’s Education Centre, our mission is to empower students through bespoke and individualised learning experiences, with the aim of improving their academic outcomes. 

We believe that providing a bespoke education is the key to unlocking every child's full potential.


We acknowledge that each student has unique strengths and we are committed to providing targeted instruction that caters to their academic needs in order to bridge any gaps along their learning continuum. 

Our Logo
The SMEC Learning Method


bespoke   learning

is the future

of education.


Small Teacher to Student Ratio

What makes SMEC different from the others is the small Teacher to Student Ratio we have which allows us to provide a bespoke learning experience. We offer two distinct models of tutoring instruction:

1. Private one-to-one tutoring and;

2. Small group tutoring (5 students each)

(students are grouped according to grade)

Bespoke Programming

Unlike one-size-fits-all approaches, bespoke programming allows our educators to create learning experiences which align with the unique requirements of their students and the UK curriculum.

This personalised approach promotes a more engaging and effective learning environment, as it caters to diverse learning styles and individual pace.

There is no 'one-size-fits-all'

A one-size-fits-all approach to learning fails to accommodate the unique strengths, weaknesses, and varied learning paces of individual students. Our small teacher-student ratio means that our tutors are able to plan and deliver learning experiences that explicitly target the academic needs of your individual child. 

Rigorous Assessment

At SMEC, we follow the UK national curriculum and effectively teach to it. We use UK standardised assessments to help ensure that educational outcomes are in alignment with nationally established standards and objectives, providing a reliable and rigorous measure of student progress and performance across the board.

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